Portland Japanese Garden

Washington Park

For the Portland Japanese Garden, the objective was to have a portable luminaire that could be placed in specific areas of the garden and buildings during summer events, but removed afterwards so that the garden can be once more purely revealed in the glow of a moonlit sky. At the beginning of the process to develop the luminaire with the required function, we researched about the lights that have traditionally been used in Japanese gardens and found an example of portable lantern called a "roji andon" (tea garden lamp) which has the same function required for Portland. The roji andon is used as a path light in the tea garden after dark and provides a mild brightness to the periphery through washi paper. Our challenge was to refine the traditional idea of the roji andon as a contemporary lighting product without losing the quality of the original. The developed luminaire is composed of weather-proof materials such as pre-oxidized metal, oil-stained wood, acrylic shade and uses LED bulbs as the light source with rechargeable batteries to provide portability and flexibility as required. The light from the luminaires contributes an effect of both solemnity and festivity at the Portland Japenese Garden.

Portland, Oregon
Satoshi Suzuki