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Simply the best combination recommended for enclosed fixtures

HK Lighting Group developed a family of Turtle-friendly Lighting Solutions in conjunction with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) under the Wildlife Lighting Certification

Learn about our hood and glare shield configurations.

i-Series fixtures feature any one of integral: ballast/transformer/power supply unit, eliminating the need for external transformer box.

The HK LED module and finned heat-sink, feature conical mating surfaces that increase contact for maximum heat transference away from temperature sensitive LEDs.

Our LED fixtures are offered in a variety of beam spreads. The fixtures utilize either thread-on/off aluminum reflectors or optics retained by spring clip.

The female swivel stem allows the fixture connections to be made, mounted onto a 1/2" NPS female fitting, aimed, and then fixed in place with the adjustment locking screw located near the base of the stem.

The female swivel stem is a standard feature on all fixtures with a stem. This mechanism allows for a nearly 360° horizontal rotation of the fixture.