• ZXL30i shown with A hood


HK Lighting Group is raising the LED performance level of its XICATO powered luminaires to HIGH, when utilizing the newest generation of Xicato LED technology inside the ZXL30i LED Area|Accent luminaire; available in three wattages 47W, 39W, and 29W and color temps 2.7K, 3K, 4K.
In conjunction with HK Lighting Group’s Thermal Management solution, a quick & easy, plug-n-play, cone shaped heat sink, designed for more effective heat dissipation; the ZXL30i is providing you with maximum FLEXibility.

• Toolless, field interchangeable LED modules for fast installation and maintenance.

• Toolless, field interchangeable reflectors for different beam angles 27°, 40°, 57°.

This compact HIGH performer comes with Integral LED Driver featuring Universal input voltage, and is dimmable at 120V.
Rated for Wet/Dry location and machined from silicone magnesium aluminum alloy (6061-T6) resistant to corrosion, the ZXL30i originated from the ZX30 series with the same important features, which make this luminaire such a precise and durable solution for any job.

• HK Patent Pending Thermal Management.
• Partitioning of the lamp housing from the compartment for the power unit (LED
driver|transformer|ballast) allowing air in between as a natural insulator.
• Swivel Stem | facilitates 355° deg. rotation for aiming precision on any installation plane.
• Material | Housing/Cap/Stem - Machined silicone magnesium aluminum alloy (6061-T6) resistant to
corrosion and Stainless steel (SS304) hardware
• Finish BK (black) BZ (bronze) WT (white) ABK (anodized black) ACL (anodized clear) NBS (natural brass)
CC (custom)

About XICATO XSM Modules
Designed first and foremost for exceptional quality of light, and reliability, Xicato's XSM LED Module has established new standards for initial and sustained quality of light over time. XSM delivers unmatched color stability and uniformity and provides the long life and energy savings expected from LED solutions without compromising on lighting performance. All XSM modules maintain the same mechanical, thermal and photometric interfaces making them uniquely "future-proof.

• Excellent color consistency from luminaire to luminaire
• Color rendering options from >80 to >95
• CCT options from 2700K to 4000K
• Future-proof module design

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