HK Lighting Group’s THERMOBUSTER™
+ SORAA® MR16 LED lamps

Simply the best combination recommended for enclosed fixtures

HK Lighting Group designed a simple, but highly effective solution to combine the best products of two industry leaders. The ZX16 SO and ZX16 SOi area/accent luminaires utilize a patent pending 6061-T6 aluminum heat sink called THERMOBUSTER™, which is transporting heat directly to the fixture’s body for instant dissipation. This allows superior thermal management to reduce the LED temperature by a tested 20°-30° C (68°-86° F) providing years of trouble-free operation. These tests were conducted -, and the temperature reductions were confirmed - by SORAA.

A reason why HK Lighting Group is the only manufacturer for exterior luminaires listed on the SORAA website to work with SORAA in both lamp categories recommended for SORAA LED MR16 Lamps with 10W.

The entire program of SORAA LED MR16 lamps can be operated safely in any of HK Lighting Group’s enclosed fixtures suitable for MR16 lamps with bi-pin base, and the integral/or inserted heat sink, THERMOBUSTER™.

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Ideal for retrofitting Halogen- with Soraa LED lamps already installed in HK Lighting luminaires, as long as they have a Bi-pin base, and are suitable for MR 16 sized lamps.

Or, if you intend to install 50W MR 16 Halogen- alongside with Soraa LED MR 16 lamps, but do not yet know where in the field you will use which type of lamp - this solution gives you more design FLEXIBILITY. Ordering one fixture type (ZX16), MR16 Halogen lamps, Soraa LED lamps together with the ring type THERMOBUSTER™ and thermal pad for insertion, you can now decide in the field where to use LED and where to use Halogen, just plugging in the appropriate lamp and/or components.


The heat sink is directly machined into the rear wall of the lamp compartment and around the Bi-pin base. This permanent solution is ideal for new construction, where installation time is essential, since you don’t have to spent time inserting a thermal pad and the THERMOBUSTER™. FLEXIBILITY at its best.

This luminaire and its companion fixtures are in the process of Certification to the Energy Commission of California to receive the high-efficacy classification for Title 24.

View our entire luminaire program compatible with THERMOBUSTER™ and any of the Soraa LED MR16 lamps.


SORAA was established in 2008 in Goleta, California, by a team of innovative professors from the worlds of engineering and semiconductors: renowned inventor of the blue laser and LED, Dr. Shuji Nakamura; receiver of Nobel Prize in Physics 2014, Dr. Steven DenBaars, founder of Nitres; and Dr. James Speck of U.C. Santa Barbara's College of Engineering. In 2007 they set out to pioneer lamps using crystal LEDs built from pure gallium nitride substrates (GaN on GaN™).

SORAA's full spectrum crystal LED lamps have superior beam and perfect color rendering characteristics with a CRI>95 and R9>95. Colors are vivid and white materials reproduced naturally.

The SORAA LED lamps are suitable for Halogen lamp retrofits and for new installations. The entire SORAA LED MR16 lamp program can now be used in conjunction with HK Lighting Group’s THERMOBUSTER™ heat sink, which was specifically designed for the SORAA LED MR 16 lamp.

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